Key Facts About Just Jhoom!

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What is Just Jhoom! and what’s the best thing about it?

Just Jhoom! is a Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness workout that marries aerobics and Bollywood dancing (drawing on a range of dance styles from classical Indian to Bhangra with dashes of hip-hop, jive and jazz). It is energetic, loads of fun and very tongue-in-cheek – but most importantly suits people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. In one class you can have an 18 year old Jhooming side by side with a 70 year old!

Briefly describe a Just Jhoom! Dance class? Are there any signature moves?

The class starts with a warm-up that literally warms you from your eyes to the tips of your toes. Depending on the type of class you go to you either learn one dance – taking more time learning technique – or you do 7-9 routines back-to-back getting a real workout. We then finish the class with a yoga-inspired cool down.

Just Jhoom!’s USP is the use of hand gestures in the class – namely flag, fist, bee and lotus – which get people exercising their hands (great to stave off arthritis) and each exercise has a unique name – sunshine, bumbling bees, waterfall lunge – all invoking the sights and sounds of India!

What are the fitness benefits of the class?

  • Complete workout: Just Jhoom! is a complete mind and body workout – exercising everything from your eyes, to the tips of your toes and your hands. Just Jhoom! benefits proprioception, hand and eye co-ordination, and flexibility, as well as increasing general fitness levels.

  • Burning fat and toning stomach muscles: Dancing, in general, is a great way to burn fat and tones muscles. Thanks to the isolations, hip movements, twisting, turning and bends involved with Just Jhoom! routines, this latest trend in exercise is also great for toning the core and flattening the stomach. Just Jhoom! also contains yoga-inspired body stabilising and flexibility exercises which help in lengthening and strengthening the torso – and hence toning the stomach.

  • Toning the upper body: The arm movements in Just Jhoom! means that the arms are constantly used – from shoulders to the tips of the fingers – helping with toning the upper body and improving posture.

  • Developing balance: Just Jhoom! contains exercises and steps that help with balance – overtime in classes, people have noticed their balance improving.

How many calories do you burn in a Just Jhoom! class

Typically in a Just Jhoom! Fitness class you will burn between 450-600 calories per hour.

On a scale of 1-5, how difficult is the class? (with 5 being for experienced dancers only and 1 being for those who rarely exercise)

1-5 – the class suits all abilities as people work at their own level and can make it as hard or easy as they like!

What should I wear for Just Jhoom! classes?

Aerobic or workout clothes are fine - comfortable leggings or trousers and a t-shirt along with suitable footwear such as trainers or dance shoes. We also sell Just Jhoom! Tshirts and mesh racerbacks on our shop – do check them out!

So, don’t just sit there... Just Jhoom!