A Bollywood inspired high energy Indian dance class with yoga moves for an all r

Fun and fitness full of Bollywood flavour

Dancercise has had a glamorous “Bollywood makeover” with the advent of Just Jhoom!

Just Jhoom! which means Just Dance! brings together aerobics, mindful movement and Bollywood dancing (drawing on a range of dance styles from Indian classical dance to Bhangra) to create a unique dance experience – nourishing both body and mind.

Just Jhoom! is the brainchild of classically-trained Indian dancer, Shalini Bhalla who has collaborated with dance, fitness and yoga professionals to create training programmes that enable our instructors to provide fun, dynamic fitness sessions to people from all walks of life.

Just Jhoom! is suitable for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. In one class you can have an 18 year old, Jhooming side by side with a 70 year old.

There are Just Jhoom! Instructors who specialise in teaching children – Junior Jhoom! (ages 3-16) and Forever Jhoom for older people or those with limited mobility.

For more information about Just Jhoom! training, mindfulness and all our online courses, please visit www.justjhoom.co.uk

So, don’t just sit there... Just Jhoom!